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What We Do 

The American River Flood Control District has been providing flood protection to the citizens of the Sacramento community for over 75 years. Formed by an act of the State Legislature in 1927 our mission is to protect the citizens in our District by maintaining the 40 miles of levees along the American River and portions of Steelhead, Arcade, Dry and Magpie Creeks.

Our year round maintenance activities are designed to prevent degradation of the levees’ structural stability and to keep the surface of the levees accessible and clearly visible so problems can be detected and flood emergency equipment can be moved in when needed.

Activities routinely done by our field crew include mowing levee slopes, trimming vegetation, weed control, rodent abatement, erosion repairs, access roads maintenance, fixing gates and equipment maintenance. Prior to flood season, we “ready” the system for the winter rains. Trees, shrubs, and other vegetation along the levee slopes and adjacent areas must be trimmed so our crew can monitor the levee for signs of distress. Equipment is repaired and flood fight materials are stockpiled for quick deployment to an emergency site. Early detection of a problem and a quick response are essential to saving a levee during a flood emergency.

In addition to levee safety, the District considers itself a steward of the American River Parkway and other floodways adjoining the levees. We are also good neighbors to adjacent property owners. We are constantly working on projects to improve the flood control system and make it safer for our constituents.

How we are funded

Revenues to run the District’s operations are raised through a special benefit assessment on properties in the District that benefit from the flood protection provided. The assessment appears on the annual Sacramento County property tax bill as a direct levy and is designated American River Flood Zone A, Zone B, or Zone C.