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ARFCD IFB Number 22-002

Request for Bid and Specifications
Three Thousand Tons Cal Trans Class II RSP. Delivered by vendor to ARFCD Sacramento storage facility at Lathrop Way

1. Specifications

Cal Trans Class II Rock Slope Protection

CT Class II RSP quarry rock material shall consist of a well graded and angular quarry rock.  CT Class II RSP rock shall be free from weak cleavages, undesirable weathering, and other defects that would tend to increase unduly its deterioration from handling or natural causes.  The inclusion of objectionable quantities of dirt, sand, clay, and rock fines will not be permitted. 


2. Delivery and Inspection

Delivery shall be completed within 30 days of the award of contract. Receiving and inspection will be made by the American River Flood Control District Superintendent. 185 Commerce Cr., Sacramento, CA 95815

ARFCD IFB 22-002 Bid Sheet.xlsx