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Protecting lives and property in our community since 1927.

The American River Flood Control District maintains 40 miles of levees along the American River and portions of Steelhead, Arcade, Dry, Robla, and Magpie creeks.

Spring and Summer Levee Maintenance

During the spring and summer District staff shift their focus to maintenance and prevention.  Mowing District levees beginning in spring through fall allow for greater visibility and accessibility for our crews year round.  Rodent abatement is also a focus with the emergence of the ground squirrels from hibernation. 

District crews work to fill in minor erosion areas, usually caused by foot traffic, to keep them from becoming larger issues during winter.  Necessary minor road maintenance is also identified and performed between mowing cycles.  All access gates are checked and serviced, signs replaced as needed and a fresh coat applied. View our maintenance schedule...

We Value Your Input

In our daily activities to maintain and inspect the levees in our District, we are fortunate to meet and talk with many homeowners, residents, and recreationists. We see our role as more than a public agency we always strive to be a good neighbor in your community.

We value all input from the community and need to gather up-to-date information from residents or groups with special interests. Conversations with residents offer a great opportunity to address your concerns and to share information on the need for safe, strong levees and the role regular maintenance plays to improve them. Clear access to all points on the levee and the ability to inspect the levee during a flood are paramount to the safety of your community and you play an important role in keeping us informed.

We always want to hear if you notice any changes in the appearance of a levee. This includes water boiling near the toe of the levee or in your backyard, water seepage, or any erosion on a levee slope. Communication makes us all better neighbors and we look forward to talking with you or answering any questions you may have regarding our maintenance practices and long-term goals for levee safety. Contact us online or call us at (916) 929-4006.

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February 10, 2017


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District's Make the Difference

District's Make the Difference

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